Carl Hiaasen

Josh Gates

Ed Rosenthal

Need Proof?
  • Cambridge University: School and career advisers are failing to encourage children to reach for the stars.

  • Smithsonian Magazine: Teenage brains are like soft, impressionable Play-Doh.  There's a softer side to adolescent minds: they're vulnerable, dynamic and highly responsive to positive feedback.

  • Connect Learning Today: The traditional education system seems to have at least 20 different methods for helping a student’s self-esteem plummet.

  • Psychology Today: The adolescent years can be some of the most impressionable ones that kids will ever have.

A simple individual 30 minute video conferencing session by every age, walk of life and occupation that have followed their dreams and succeeded.  The session will take place one at a time at the choosing of the participant’s availability.  The series derives its strength from the people that provide inspiration for the young students to not only believe in themselves but in their dreams.

What Is It?

Unfortunately in today’s schools inspiration is often sacrificed.  While many people may think of inspiration as an effect rather than a cause, this is untrue.  It is no secret that inspiration and motivation increases student enjoyment and performance.  Today’s school system has become laden with testing and teacher centered activities that may alienate students.  This may have a disastrous effect on students, especially at the middle school level.

Why Is It Needed?

Dr. Pardis Sabeti

Les Stroud

Dr. Tracy Fanara

Dr. Esther Ngumbi